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Conscious Control

Transform your Body with Conscious Control

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Technique Essentials: The Process

This video teaches you how to approach the training you’ll find in my videos and helps you build up your daily practise, so that you progress slowly and safely, as I have a no risk philosophy when learning my Pilates programme.

Technique Essentials: Breathing

In Pilates, and all efficient movement in fact, it is extremely important that the breath flows and coordinates with each movement. This helps with endurance throughout the class as well as assisting with the movements. Exhalation helps with the contracting of the deepest abdominal muscle, called transversus abdominis. This video covers: • How to connect to your transversus abdominis • The different types of breathing for different exercises • How to continue breathing whilst still…

Technique Essentials: Neutral Spine & Pelvis

In Pilates it is very important that you have a deep understanding of the concept of ‘neutral spine and pelvis’ and learn how to find it in your own body.  The outcome of this video is for you to understand what good posture is and how to control the supporting and stabilizing muscles.  You will learn: • What neutral spine and pelvis means • How to find your unique neutral posture when lying on your…

Technique Essentials: Posture and Alignment

Posture and alignment is a conscious and continuous awareness and this video will help you discover and improve your posture. This video will help you: • Become aware of your posture and alignment • Engage muscles to improve your posture and alignment • Draw your attention to your abdominal activation You will feel more in control of your posture throughout your daily life and your friends and colleagues will notice too.