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Advance to your goal of peak fitness, take control of your body conditioning, develop a good strong posture and be free of back pain. Conscious Control that will extend into every aspect of your life.

Conscious Control Pilates is a series of mat classes designed to unlock your full potential. It emphasises the importance of learning, understanding and applying sound technique while progressing through a range of moves designed to develop core strength and enhance body awareness. Its detailed, carefully considered progression through six levels, starting with Foundation Essentials, makes Conscious Control Pilates ideal for professional dancers who want to maintain a high level of conditioning and technical excellence, but is also recommended for anyone who is committed to their wellbeing.

Darren Spowart, a former dancer with the Australian Ballet Company and Sydney Dance Company, is an esteemed teacher of classical ballet and Pilates for some 20 years and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is widely known to the world of dance and is a trusted health practitioner who is highly sought-after by many high profile and elite professionals. His experience has returned health and fitness to countless people and he continues to work with the medical team of the Australian Ballet.

Conscious Control Pilates grew out of Darren’s work with elite dancers in companies such as The Australian Ballet and Sydney Dance Company and their need to have this level of guidance available at any time. Whether you want to achieve high level physical performance as a dancer or athlete, recover from pain or injury, or tone your body and look fantastic, Darren’s Pilates classes are designed to help you get the most out of your body.

After many years of teaching the elite dance companies of Australia, Darren is at last sharing his expertise with everyone. His series of Pilates DVDs is the only course in Pilates you will ever need.

Conscious Control Pilates will take you on a journey of physical perfection no matter what your level of fitness is. Everyone will benefit from Conscious Control Pilates.

“I have been involved in Pilates for more than 20 years and over this period I’ve seen it grow in popularity and development to become one of the most established training and exercise approaches in the world. Countless people at all levels of physical fitness and ability are discovering the benefits of good Pilates training – not just dancers. I’m truly passionate about this and I believe that the body awareness and control that correct Pilates helps you to develop can provide an essential foundation for any other physical activity you want to master or simply enjoy.

My love for both dance and Pilates has provided me with an outlook and satisfaction, where some 20 years on I am delighted to still be teaching both in person and through the Conscious Control series. Anyone wishing to understand Pilates in depth, safely develop strength and flexibility, or receive the same training as a dancer will love Conscious Control Pilates.”

Conscious Control Pilates Mat Series